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IRPEX / IRPX – International Real Property Exchange

Welcome to IRPEX Group!

IRPEX is International Real Property Exchange – commonly referred to as simply “International Property Exchange” – appreciates your visit and looks forward to communicating. Also sometimes abbreviated as IRPX, we specialize in real estate — the most rapidly evolving industry of the 21st century. IRPEX/IRPX represents international investment portfolios ranging from residential, to commercial, to industrial property holdings.

  • WHAT IS IRPEX: International Real Property Exchange
  • WHAT IRPEX DOES: Work with investors and institutions to manage their real estate interests across the globe
  • WHAT IRPEX CONSISTS OF (each category represents a branch):
    • IRPEX Core Services (a.k.a. IRPX) – International Real Property Exchange
    • FERELS – Federal Electronic Real Estate Listing System – worldwide MLS (aka¬†Federal Real Estate Listing Service)
    • GLOPREX.COM – Global Property Exchange
    • AmericanHomeExchange.com – American Home Exchange Network
    • NewYorkHomeExchange.com – New York Home Exchange Network
    • Home|Navigator – Home|Navigator (.com) Real Estate & Investments

To communicate with us, such as to discuss a sale or purchase or to negotiate a contract, please click here to go to our contact page. Note that due to recent disposition of assets in connection with corporate restructuring, some of the domain names pointing to this web page may be for sale. Again, please complete the contact form on this website to make an inquiry.