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FOUNDED in 2006 as part of the WindEnergy Consortium, Well Authority is an international energy consulting, marketing, procurement and research firm. We service players in all industry sectors worldwide. We also offer a unique range of specialty services for projects that involve participants from the former CIS block, Latin America as well as Shell WindEnergy and its associates specifically.

OUR CLIENTS hire us because we listen, because we take time to analyze information, because we deliver results, and because we have a strong track record. We think of ourselves as a well-oiled team of problem solvers for the energy sector. Talk to us, and you will learn why.

OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE include the following fields and disciplines in the energy industry (please follow one of the menu links at the top of this page to learn more about our product and service offerings):

  • Energy consulting
  • Energy conversion and research
  • Alternative energy development
  • Procurement and purchasing (purchasing agent) services
  • Financial consulting, analysis and reporting
  • Wind energy research and manufacturing
  • Energy product marketing
  • Integration of traditional and alternative energies
  • Materials, equipment and operational process safety

WE HAVE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS, combined with a network of consultants, manufacturers, contractors, investors, and bankers, to help us conduct business globally. To connect us, please go to Contact Us page to submit an online inquiry or note our phone numbers at the top of this page. We offer on-location services in North America, South America and Asia and have the following fully staffed physical locations:

  • Houston (TX / USA): head operations office, The Americas
  • San Francisco (CA / USA): operations office
  • London (U.K.): head operations office, Europe
  • Chengdu (China): representative staff (9) & port operatives (7)