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Please go to iProppant.com to learn more about our quality domestic and international proppant products. Our competitive prices and generous transaction terms speak for themselves: we know the proppant business and are easy to work with.

Background: Proppant Manufacturing and Distributing

Proppant photoSince October of 2006, Well Authority has been involved in distributing and manufacturing quality fracturing sands and ceramic proppants in a diverse range of domestic and international projects. As drilling has become a much more precise science in the past decade, quality proppants have become an indispensable tool in effective fracking. In turn, ceramic proppants specifically have become much less expensive during this time, whereas the range of proppant varieties has broadened substantially.

iProppant logo - Well Authority GroupWell Authority is proud to be in a unique position both to distribute proppant products of quality manufacturers around the world and to offer its own brand of ceramic proppant – iProppant. With access to storage and manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and China, we are well positioned to offer ISO and OSHAS certified proppants of multiple brands, including high strength 15,000 PSI product line, at below-average prices with instant availability of up to 10,000 metric tons.