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Procurement and Purchasing Agent Services

Well Authority represents a variety of domestic and international service companies, drilling contractors and other field specialists both in oil and gas industry and in other energy field sectors who require reliable purchasing agent services and competitive procurement representation in North America to control their costs and efficient lead times.

Oar goal is to cater to the unique needs of each client to ensure that each transaction amounts to the greatest value. We work hard to ensure that you or your valued customers receive the best products at the lowest possible cost.

We work with all our customers openly and maintain transparent pricing policies in all our projects to ensure full client satisfaction. For each customer, we can either handle all its procurement projects in North America or work on per-transaction basis. Further, we are happy to work with any customer on Audited Net Price Basis (ANPB), where our profits are defined in a simple commission matrix and depend on the number of transactions and on their volume and frequency.